Why Travel with us

why travel with us
why travel with us

Why travel with us?

The most basic question when you are booking a trip with any company is why to choose them?

Major differences travelling the New Adventure style you will notice are:

1. Experienced and friendly guides:

We train our guides to be friendly with the customers. All our guides are personally selected by us. All the guides are experienced which will certainly allow the customers to get a real feel of the country and its culture. We believe a good guide is a difference between a good and exceptional trip.

2. Value for money:

We don’t claim to be the cheapest or the number one travel company. What we promise is our most sincere and honest efforts for making the trip memorable for our clients. Having said that we try to keep the budget of the clients always in our minds and try to provide good prices for the trips.

3. Detailed itineraries:

Advice from personal experience: Before your trip, we’ll send you your travel details. It will have day-by-day details of your trip and all sorts of extra information, from instructions to what all to bring to do’s and dont’s, we include notes on the culture of the country where you’re travelling, to help you make the most of your time and develop a better understanding.We provide all information so that you don’t have to do a cumbersome research before your trip.Relax and enjoy your journey.

4.Safety and Security:

Safety is high on our list of priorities. Our guides and support staff take the utmost care in every aspect of the trip. Of course, emergencies are extremely rare, but travelling with our company adds a strong element of safety and security to your journey. All of our guides carry with them first aid kit in case required.

5. Individual attention and flexibility:

We guarantee our undivided attention to all your queries. We know the different requirements of our clients. Be it a Vegetarian meal, a room with a view or any other requests, we try our best to fulfil all your special requests. Not with a frown but with a smile.

6. Clients are our number one priority:

Building a relationship with you, satisfying your needs and exceeding your expectations is extremely important to us. We do this so well that the majority of our clients are either repeat clients or referred by friends, family, and colleagues who have travelled with us before.

7. 24 x 7 assistance:

Sometimes the unexpected happens and things may go wrong before or on vacation – like unforeseen illness or your luggage being lost by the airline. Be rest assured, we’re on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency assistance. We will facilitate assistance wherever required, even for those parts of your vacation that you didn’t book through us.

8. Solo Travelers:

We at New adventure tours try our best to make solo travellers find a company(only if requested) so that they don’t feel the pressure of paying a single supplement. If you’re willing to share a room, we will go out of our way to help you find a roommate, so you can avoid paying single supplement fees. We don’t penalize single travellers – we welcome them and help to coordinate roommates.

Hope all the above reasons will answer, Why travel with us question.

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Our Instagram page: Newadventure46

And always remember- Every new journey calls for a new adventure.


There is something amazing about travelling. It just can't be described in words, you just have to go out and feel for yourself. Leave the safety nest of home and fly off to unknown territories. Be vulnerable and scared for once to discover something new. Ignite that instinct of our forefathers and be nomadic. Many people want to travel, but always have some excuses pre


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