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There was a time long long back when the world was familiar with the fear of the unknown. There were places which were undiscovered, seas which were never crossed. There were monsters who roamed at night, countries not known.
Fast forward to the current scenario, in this world of technology and Google, Nothing is beyond the limit. Everything can be seen from home
in the smartphones. We have lost the touch to discover new things, the instinct which made us what we are today. The curiosity is lost.
We at NewAdventure tour and travel are trying to make the world a more exciting place. We want the people to know what it feels to get lost in the wilderness. What’s it like to uncover uncharted territories. We are trying to change the monotonous life into a challenge.
Those who have skydived, scuba dived, bungee dived or have taken part in similar activities must be knowing that the moments just before the beginning of these are the moments of pure fear. But once you overcome the fear there is no victory which is sweeter. We are just trying to provide these moments to our customers who we think of more of friends than just customers.
We at New adventure tour and travel are totally dedicated for the best experience for our customers. We love traveling so money is not the primary motive for this company. There are many beautiful places out there and we wish to share them with our customers. There is not much-traveling trend in India and we would like to change that.
New Adventure is the dream of two people. Arjun Pandey and Anshumali Singh Negi.

Our Management

Anshumali Singh Negi was born in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He is 28 years old and lives in India. He used to work on Container ships as a 2nd navigating Officer. Travelling is his one true passion. He has traveled to more than 30 countries.  He hopes to inspire people to travel more and uncover the beautiful world from their own eyes. He has done his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya and College in T.S. Chanakya Mumbai. Working on 300-metre long ships and sailing to all parts of the world, he knows the importance of safety, responsibility, and hard work.
Anshumali is also an avid adventure junkie. He has scuba dived in clear waters of Gili Indonesia, Skydived in Kiev Ukraine, River rafted in the rapids of Bali, trekked the Three passes in the Himalaya region in Nepal.
Arjun Pandey was born in Gorkha of Midwestern part of Nepal, the famous region of the Manaslu Trek. Arjun handles the Operations Department of GVNT for trek, tour, and climbing in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. More than ten years experience of working as a trek, tour and mountaineering leader has made Arjun familiar with most of the trek, tour and climbing regions in Nepal.

Arjun also has a wide experience and knowledge in conduct trek programs in the Himalayan regions, such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, Manaslu, Kanchenjungha, Dhaulagiri, among others. He also organizes peak climbing programs to Himalayan peaks such as Island, Mera, Lobuche, Chulu as well as other Himalayan peaks below 7,000 meters.

Beyond the tourism business, Arjun is also actively involved in social works such as the Narayanpur progressive forum which provides the poorer families with electricity, clean the environment, built toilets for schools, provide the scholars with stationary etc.

Guides: The Real Rockstars

We at New Adventure tour and travel are very lucky to have a fully dedicated and professional team of experienced guides at our disposal. The experience of our guides has been earned through the rigors of past trips which enables them to face any kind of situation. We know the importance of guides. These are the people who know the culture of the local city and which helps our customers get a real feel of life in that region.These are the people who are in contact with the customers even more than the managing partners. We, therefore, know their importance and we look after all their needs in the best way possible, as we believe a happy guide can easily transform any good tour into an exceptional one. They are therefore for us the real rockstars.

Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Jangbu Sherpa Chywa


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Rajendra Thapa Magar


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Rajan Pudasai


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Dipak Bhatta


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Jami Rai(Aka The comedian)


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Gopal Tamang


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure
Mingmar Tamang


Want to Join Our Team

Please be in touch with us by any of the means given in the contact us page. We would love to add new eager members to our group.

Behind the Scenes

There is something amazing about travelling. It just can't be described in words, you just have to go out and feel for yourself. Leave the safety nest of home and fly off to unknown territories. Be vulnerable and scared for once to discover something new. Ignite that instinct of our forefathers and be nomadic. Many people want to travel, but always have some excuses pre


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