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Every Journey calls for a New Adventure


Every Journey calls for a New Adventure


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Why New Adventure?

New Adventure is a travelling company tailor-made for travel lovers. The main goal is to create awareness among the people about the joys of travelling. It is for encouraging all the crazy people who dream to travel to unknown destinations to keep on doing so. And it is also for those who dare to leave their comfort zones to travel to see new places. We provide tours which are tailor-made for all your needs and for all age groups.

Our partners

We have partnered with for travel insurance, Jet radar for flights, for hotels.

Our Services

We organise trekking tours in India and Nepal, adventure sports(Skydiving, Bunjee jump, River rafting, Scuba Diving, Mountain biking), family tours and much more along with flights, travel insurance and visas for worldwide destinations.

There is something amazing about travelling. It just can't be described in words, you just have to go out and feel for yourself. Leave the safety nest of home and fly off to unknown territories. Be vulnerable and scared for once to discover something new. Ignite that instinct of our forefathers and be nomadic. Many people want to travel, but always have some excuses pre


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